Fits and Starts Review - Freeform Radio

Fits & Starts is built around a twin-guitar attack of charging chord changes and delicate, intricate guitar leads, bringing to mind the absolute best of the Dream Pop canon – Television, early Felt, Cocteau Twins at their most frenetic. These atmospherics are underpinned by a sturdy rhythm section, glinting like obsidian and purring like a Motor City V8, keeping things rooted and earthy, muscular and raging. It can be heard in the first moments of album opener, “Hold On, Call.” and never lets up.

Freeform Portland is a great, local radio station showcasing a variety of independent, exciting music both from local artists and artists all over the world, and we couldn't be happier about their review for Fits and Starts. Go check it out! If you like what you read, maybe come back here and pick up a copy of Fits and Starts in our store.

andrew disney